15 Fall Bucket List Activities

Close up of fallen leaves with sunshine in background.

The leaves are beginning to turn the slightest shade of brown, the kids are back in school, and Halloween decorations are already every store. It’s official—fall is here! It’s time to put together your ultimate bucket list for making the most of autumn this year, and Rent-One has got you covered! Check out our 15 top bucket list ideas for fall:

1. Get outside solely with the purpose of taking in all the aesthetic beauty that fall has to offer. Maybe even *gasp* leave your phone inside!

2. Pumpkin spice latte anyone? It’s that time of the year at your favorite coffee shop. Not to mention, you can find a pumpkin-ized version of nearly any baked good you can think of. So what if it’s trendy, it’s only here for the season!

3. Spend a lazy Sunday watching football all day. There is no shame in kicking back and watching a few games from the comfort of your own couch. Check out some of Rent-One’s best tips for enjoying the football season.

Decorative coffee, pumpkin, and acorns on table.5. Our Bay Area residents always recommend a trip to the famous Winchester Mystery House and what better time of the year to do so? Historical and creepy! Go old school and find a local farm for apple picking and maybe even take a hayride. Check out some of our favorite local places for these rural activities!

6. Break out the oven mitts and bake some pies. Certain foods can bring that feeling of fall with one bite. Pumpkin pie and apple pie are a couple of the classics. And for you foodies out there, why not push the boundaries with something different like a sour cream-potato pie or apple pie with rosemary and honey.

7. Halloween comes up so quickly once the back-to-school season settles down. Get a head start on brainstorming costume ideas for this year, and wow your friends with your witty, creepy, or elaborate costume game. October 1st is the generally agreed upon date to put up Halloween-themed decorations in your home to heighten the anticipation and maximize the festivities.

8. Visit a pumpkin patch and indulge in the expedition for the largest pumpkin you can find. Pumpkins tend to be much more expensive at seasonal patches than at the supermarket. A good compromise, especially if you have kids, is to buy just one of your pumpkins at the patch for the experience, then get any more you want on your next grocery run.

Large pile of pumpkins and loose straw.

9. Take advantage of the changing seasons with a good book. Now that the heat is slowly starting to die down (or at least we hope it will soon), it’s the ideal time to enjoy some fresh air on your patio or balcony with your favorite book. Chilly? Cozy up with a blanket and some tea.

10. Get lost and found in a corn maze. We have multiple corn mazes that range from simple to GPS-assistance-worthy near Sacramento and in the Bay Area that are sure to get you into the spirit of the season.

11. Decorate your apartment with some fall decor. Pumpkins, leaves, and accents in the colors of fall foliage will take you from the end of September through December.

12. Host a scary movie night with some friends. Did we mention that it’s never too early to get ready for Halloween? Pick some of your favorite scary movies and try not to jump too high. Check out some of Real Simple’s favorite Halloween films

Curving country road on a golden fall day.

13. Take long walks on foggy days. We enjoy an abundance of sunny days in California, which gives us a chance to really appreciate that crisp fall air on a gloomy day.

14. Indulge your sweet tooth by making some caramel apples. It’s a fun activity, and they also make great hostess gifts as seasonal parties start to fill up your calendar.

15. Solano County residents always rave about getting a good scare at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s annual Fright Fest! Haunted houses and creepy characters are around every corner.

Check out more awesome fall bucket list ideas from one of our favorite blogs and be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and events near you!

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