4 Easy Tips for Maximizing Space in a Small Apartment

A clean and organized apartment space.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that your apartment had more space, it might be time to implement some simple solutions. Whether you live in a studio apartment or simply want to get more out of the space in your home, these tips can help you maximize your living space:


Hearing about decluttering can get old when you live in an apartment, but that is because it’s such a crucial factor in maximizing your space and reducing stress in your home. Let go of old possessions that you no longer need, make sure everything has its own space, and get into the habit of putting things away. Need a guide? Try out one of these popular books.

Small sofa covered with clutter and belongings.

Rethink Your Layout

It’s common for new apartment dwellers to make up their minds about where everything is going to go in the first few days of moving in –and for most, this tends to be the layout they stick with. Try rethinking the arrangement of your furniture, where you put things, how you use your storage space. Chances are, there are some efficient changes that can help you find more space.

Conceal the Clutter

Perception is everything when it comes to how spacious your apartment feels. Consider some simple concealing methods to hide clutter or extra possessions that are causing your living space to feel condensed. Invest in lidded boxes, baskets, and furniture with built-in, hidden storage. These types of containers make for easy cleanup too!

Large living room space with over sized sofa and television.

Make Your Space Multifunctional

Take advantage of your rooms and furniture by making them serve double duty. Give certain spaces in your home multi purposes by equipping them with the necessary furniture and items. Maybe your bedroom can also be your office, your office could also be a guest room, or your living space could also have dining spaces. Choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes such as a TV stand that can also be used as a storage unit, or a dining table that can also be used as a work desk.

With the right tips and a little creativity, living space can be maximized in any home. Forbes also has some great tips on how to conserve space and clear clutter in your home and be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and recommendations!

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