4 Easy Ways to Shake Up Your Apartment Vibe

"time for change" written in the sand on a beach.

With more than half of 2018 already in the books, it can start to feel like a bit of redundancy or repetitiveness has crept into your lifestyle. Being bored with your surroundings is a natural occurrence, but it has plenty of remedies. As the dog days of summer continue, try out these great tips to shake up your lifestyle!

  1. Reshuffle your setting: One way to shake up your living experience is to re-imagine your living space. Rotate furniture in the room, flip it from room to room, rearrange wall artwork or bring in some new accessories to your apartment. This will immediately bring a different feel to a familiar space.
  2. Reconnect with your social circles: Hosting more get-togethers at your apartment will bring a sense of excitement to your life. Getting it on the calendar and looking forward to it is half of the fun!  Whether it’s having friends over for games or a movie or cooking for loved ones, this is a sure way to mix things up.
  3. Revitalize your lifestyle: Try taking on a few new hobbies or make new routine events in your home. Do yoga in your living room, have a movie night each Wednesday, start a garden on your patio or balcony, or just start a new book. There are plenty of inexpensive and easy activities that can be incorporated into your lifestyle that will bring a sense of novelty.
  4. Reinvest in your environment: Going green doesn’t necessarily have to mean installing solar panels or driving an electric vehicle. Be conscious of turning lights off when you leave rooms, turn off power strips, use LED bulbs, and set goals to use less heating and air conditioning when you are not around the house. Also, check out Rent-One’s 7 Simple Tips to Help Conserve Energy!

No matter how you decide to shake up your lifestyle and apartment this summer, we think a refresh will rekindle that home sweet home feeling.  Also, be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and events!