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4 Tips for Reducing Stress During the Holidays

Stressed woman carrying christmas gifts.

Shopping lists, excessive crowds, in-laws ̶ the holidays can be tough. With all the added strain of the season, it can be easy for the most wonderful time of the year to not feel so wonderful. Luckily, there are some proven methods to help fight off the added stress:

Put Clutter on the Naughty List. There can never be enough space when it comes to the holidays, so prepping your apartment for the season is crucial. If you know there are going to be friends or family coming to town, start cleaning and getting rid of any excess clutter beforehand.  Heatherwood also offers some great strategies for hosting during the holidays!

Make a List, Check it Twice. Whether it is a list for holiday shopping or just a task list to break down what needs to be tackled, organization is a great way to combat stress during the holidays. Writing things down can help clear your mind and checking things off of your to-do list can also be rather fulfilling!

Set a Budget. It turns out that spreading holiday cheer can be more costly than one might think. The holidays tend to bring on extra spending, so set a realistic budget and be sure to stick to it. Resisting that extra pressure to buy is key, Forbes also offers some simple techniques to keep your piggy bank safe during the season of giving.

Get Some Exercise. Exercising is a great way to not only reduce stress and blow off some steam, but it is a good way to counter all the excess eating that tends to come along with the holidays as well.

Regardless of how you choose to spend the holidays this year, it is important to remember yourself. While it is the time to be thinking of others, it is important to limit the amount of pressure we put on ourselves, so that we can enjoy the holidays and limit the January bank account aftershock. For more great ideas and advice, be sure to check back on Rent-One!

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