4 Ways to End Your Summer with a Bang This Labor Day!

Text reading Happy Labor Day on a red banner.

The beaches are emptying, and that warm summer air seems to finally be cooled a bit by autumn breezes, but there’s still time to enjoy what is left of summer—especially with our California weather! While many people have come to recognize Labor Day Weekend as the unofficial end of the summer, we like to think of it in a more positive light: A long weekend just waiting to be filled with summer activities. Here are some ideas to end your summer on a high note.

  1. Take a Mini Vacation: Before the sun sets on your summer, be sure to take advantage of the extra time off this Labor Day Weekend. Three-day weekends are perfect for short road trips. Spend a day exploring the city, visit a national park, hit the coast, or travel somewhere that you have never been!
  2. Experience the Great Outdoors: Enjoy your three-day weekend by getting out into nature. Plan a camping trip with friends or family, find some new paths to hike, or get some well-deserved relaxation by going fishing. TrailLink has a variety of great options to find trails near you!

  1. Enjoy a Get Together: Labor Day Weekend is a wonderful opportunity to get together with friends and family. What better way to celebrate the fruits of your labor so far this year than with great food and even better company. Host some of your loved ones at your home or pack up your favorite pot-luck dish and join your friends or neighbors.
  2. Visit the Beach: It’s not too late! The weather is still warm enough for another trip to the beach. Labor Day Weekend is the perfect chance to take in some sun and enjoy all your favorite beach activities before the weather starts to cool down for fall. And the end of summer is often the best time for west coach beach weather.


Take advantage of these last few weeks of summer while you can and be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and events near you!