5 Tips for Living Alone & Making the Most of Your Independence

Morning sun shining into bedroom.

Venturing off into the world of solo living can be intimidating and take some getting used to. However, living alone also offers an abundance of wonderful benefits and possibilities and it’s important that you make the most of them. Check out our 5 tips for living alone and making the most of your new found independence:

1.Resist the Temptation to be Unorganized: The line between enjoying one’s personal space and complete slob can sometimes be a little hard to notice. Living alone gives you the freedom to organize and clean when you please, but this can often time be problematic. Make a habit of doing simple cleaning around your apartment on a weekly basis. Keep your items stored, pick up after yourself, and always put things back where they belong. The tidiness and cleanliness of your apartment is sure to help you reduce stress and make the most of your space.

2. Decorate and Own Your Space: One of the best aspects of living alone is being able to dictate all of the decorating and use of space in your home. Being able to call 100% of the shots in your own home is a rare thing to enjoy, so make the most of it. Decorate your apartment to fit your personal style and space things out in a way that is most convenient to you. Making the style of your apartment your own will help make it feel like home.

Bag of groceries

3. Learn How to Shop for One: If you have ever lived with roommates in the past, then you understand the value of large shopping lists and buying in bulk. However, this isn’t the same as living alone. Modify your shopping lists and learn how to properly proportion how many groceries you need on a week to week basis. This will ensure that you always have food and supplies when you need them, but will also help to make sure that food never goes to waste.

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4. Be Smart When Posting on Social Media: In today’s world, we all share the need to feel connected and social media is a huge part of many people’s daily lives. While a virtual connection is important, there is no need to broadcast all of your activities, as this can make you vulnerable to potential intruders. Turn off location tags when necessary, don’t post detailed information about your habits or plans, and be sure to not show any routines that you may have.

5. Be Nice to Your Neighbors: Living alone doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the only person in the community. Being nice to your neighbors is a great way to meet new people and neighbors can also come in handy down the road. Whether providing some potential company in the future or having someone to look after your place when you are out of town, neighbors will help you feel a sense of community.

While living alone can be very exciting and offer a number of wonderful possibilities, it can also be a bit challenging at times. These tips can help you with adjusting to a new way of life. Be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and events near you!