Diablo View is Going Green

Our Diablo View apartment community in Concord is getting in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by going green! The entire Diablo View community is powered by LED with motion sensor lighting throughout the exteriors. This results in an environmentally friendly solution that reduces electricity usage and helps to conserve energy. Diablo View is also excited to offer its residents electric vehicle charging stations. With 8 charging stations well-covered and conveniently located in its community, Diablo View is showing its support for electric car drivers. Diablo View is conveniently located walking distance from a number of essential retail stores, supermarkets, and even the post office. With a bus line located in front of the community, public transportation is made simple and easy for all residents. Public transportation is a great way to reduce the amount of cars on the road, which in turn reduces gas usage and air pollution. Diablo View is also a non-smoking community. Cigarette butts are one of the leading culprits of litter and cigarette smoke can produce toxic chemicals and carcinogens that pollute the air. Diablo View is excited to take steps towards providing a clean and eco-friendly community for all of its residents.