Rent-One’s Guide to the Ultimate New Year’s Staycation!

happy new year greeting over fireworks on dark sky.

While many people opt to spend New Year’s traveling, partying, or out in large crowds, there is a much easier on the wallet and also an enjoyable alternative that can be quite convenient: Staying in! If you’re staying in this New Year’s then discover all of the amazing benefits of a quiet night in your apartment! Rent-One has some great tips for those brave enough to ring in the New Year while erring on the side of comfort:

  1. The TV is Your Host: New Year’s Eve and even New Year’s Day offer a wide variety of entertainment options via your own television. Whether it’s music, countdown celebrations, or even sports, there are plenty of ways to keep your eyes glued to the tube.
  2. Company is Optional: Spending New Year’s at your own place gives you some options with regards to how you want to celebrate. Invite some friends and family over to celebrate the countdown to the New Year with you or choose to spend the night on your own comfy on the couch.
  3. Games Anyone?: If you are having some friends or family over to your apartment this New Year’s then break out the board games or card games and get everyone involved.
  4. Connect by Distance: If your New Year’s plans are to go solo this year, you can always connect with friends and family via phone or Skype. There are plenty of options to keep you in contact with those you care about even if you’re counting down together from each of your own living rooms.Woman comfortable on sofa with blanket, coffee, and book.
  5. Take Some Time to Yourself: Another great way to spend a solo night in on New Year’s is to disconnect from tech and spend some time thinking about what the New Year will bring. Maybe even get a head start on a New Year’s resolution or two—pick up a book you’ve been meaning to start.
  6. Last Minute Indulgence: On the opposite side of the spectrum, if your New Year’s resolution is to change your eating habits and lean a little more on the healthier side for 2019, then take advantage of the last day of 2018 by having one last indulgence. Prepare some of your favorite dishes or order in from your favorite restaurant. There is still time!
  7. Relaxation is Key: Remember that the most important aspect of a New Year’s Staycation is to kick back and relax. Staying home for New Year’s is all about saving some money, avoiding the crowds, and most importantly, dodging the stress. Treat yourself to some R and R this New Year’s Eve and head into 2019 refreshed.

We’re always looking for ways to help you make the most of your home, social life, and your community. Be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great tips and advice.