Rent-One’s Tips for Hosting a Successful Friendsgiving

A small pumpkin featuring Friendsgiving Blessings.

Want to enjoy good company and food this year without all the stress of hosting Thanksgiving? Friendsgiving might just be the answer to your holiday needs this year. Friendsgiving is a new blend of the traditional Thanksgiving holiday with the much less formal and stressful style of dinner with your friends. Check out our tips for hosting the perfect Friendsgiving this year:

Hosting Friendsgiving dinner can require some serious strategy in an apartment, so it’s important to make the most of your space.

  1. Clean up the clutter in your home the week before, rearrange the furniture, and make as much space for guests to stand and sit as you possibly can. If you have a small kitchen, put your table in the center of your living room. If you are lacking in chairs, use your couch as seating.
  2. Put a cooler on your patio or balcony to use as a backup fridge.
  3. Friendsgiving is not a solo project! Make sure your friends contribute by bringing some of the smaller dishes. Hosting Friendsgiving should be of minimal stress.
  4. Invite the right crowd to your Friendsgiving. Of course, include your main circle, but why not use this as an opportunity to invite and meet new people as well?

Family and friends gathered around dinner table at thanksgiving

  1. Instead of having a full-blown meal, try making Thanksgiving-style appetizers. Not only is this a unique twist on the holiday, but it will help conserve space. Smaller side dishes should take the helm for Friendsgiving, as opposed to a full-blown roast turkey.
  2. Reinvent your leftovers this year. If your Friendsgiving is scheduled after Thanksgiving, serve some classic Thanksgiving leftover meals. Turkey salad, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup anyone?
  3. Last and most importantly, enlist the help of your friends for cleaning up. Reward them with first dibs on leftovers or another glass of wine while they help.

With a few good tips, a little planning, and the right crowd, hosting a successful Friendsgiving is within reach. For more great tips and strategies for tackling your Friendsgiving, check out Tiny Living, and be sure to check back on Rent-One for more great ideas and advice!

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